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Saturday's mystery object

Booker High Wycombe - Sun, 01/15/2017 - 14:34
The Winter Briefings continued yesterday with an introduction to Meteorology, well attended by members and once more by visitors from the Upward Bound Trust, Haddenham. Since I was the one giving the briefing I can't really give myself a review, but those attending seemed to enjoy the morning. No prizes for working out what the visual aid below was demonstrating.

Hint: the screw is the North Pole*And if you really want to learn about weather you could do a lot worse than do the Open University's short online course Come Rain or Shine run by the University of Reading. It lasts 3 weeks, 3 hours a week, and you can study when and where you like.

Don't miss next week's talk on XC skills development by Jim White.

*Coriolis effect

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Mysterious Dive Sites to Ignite Your Inner Adventurer

Super Yachts Carters - Wed, 01/11/2017 - 14:00
Mysterious Dive Sites to Ignite Your Inner Adventurer The thrill of the dive is something synonymous with exploring the waters on superyacht or tender; however, with a world of wonders at the bottom of the sea, we take a look at the most mysterious and adventurous dive spots around the world to ignite your inner adventurer.

Wrecks of the Gulf, Mexico
Over 20 ancient wrecks, exotic wildlife, rivers under the sea in Yucatan and primeval forests off the coast of Alabama, there is nothing quite as mysterious or adventurous as the Gulf of Mexico. One dive site in particular is the Cenote Angelita, where hydrogen sulphide creates a flowing river on the seabed creating a natural wonder ready for divers to explore.

If nature’s mysteries aren’t enough, the 200 year old dive site of an ancient wooden ship is just one of the incredible wrecks to be found off Mexico. Cancun even has it’s own underwater museum, offering something for everyone at every feasible depth.

Chuuk Lagoon, South Pacific
Filled with WWII planes, boats and wrecks, the haunting dive site of Chuuk Lagoon off the coast of north-east New Guinea is a crystal clear vision into the past. Explored by Jacques Cousteau himself, the mysterious underwater landscape is a mecca for wreck-divers and adventurers cruising the waters of the Pacific.

The Ruins of the Aegean, Greece
This ancient settlement - dubbed the ‘underwater Pompeii’ - was discovered off the island of Delos near Mykonos, Greece. Discovering terracotta pots, kilns and breakwaters, scientists believe this dive-spot to be the ruin of the ancient city of Kane which succumbed to the sea over 4500 years ago. Otherwise known as the site where the main battle between Athens and Sparta took place.

The Bimini Wall, Bahamas
Divers have always looked to the Caribbean, especially the Bahamas, as a source of adventure due its crystalline waters and natural serenity. However, not many people know of the mysteries under the waters of North Bimini. The Bimini Road, or Bimini Wall, was considered a road to the lost city of Atlantis. The large arrangement of sandstone blocks runs half a mile and remain a mystery to the world.

The Yonaguni Monument, Japan
Located six metres below the water surrounding the island of Okinawa, the unknown structure known as the Yonaguni Monument (or Atlantis of Japan) is the source of great debate. Believed to have succumbed to the water thousands of the years ago, this temple-like structure is either an incredible work of ancient Japanese craftsmen or an anomaly of science. Either way, this is something to be seen.

The Great Blue Hole, Belize
This one may take some confidence to approach. The Great Blue Hole, located off the coast of Belize, lies near the centre of Lighthouse Reef 70km from Belize City. Almost perfectly circular, this mysterious 300m wide submarine sinkhole formed 15,000 years ago. The Great Blue Hole is Jacques Cousteau’s finest discovery, the last known measurement of depth in this natural wonder was 125-metres but even the crystal clear waters won’t help to see the bottom.

Photos: Seann McAuliffe / The TerraMar Project / Paul Yudev / Ameila Tennakoon

Photo © Seann McAuliffe Photo © The TerraMar Project Mysterious Dive Sites to Ignite Your Inner Adventurer Photo © Matt Kieffer Photo © Paul Yudev
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Happy New Year!

Water Sports Braylake - Mon, 01/09/2017 - 16:58

Welcome to 2017, Bray Lake is now open; Saturday Morning Swimming is available from 8.30am - 9.30am - All other activities are available from 9.00am - 4.00pm.


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5 of the best family windsurfing holiday destinations

Windsurfing - Mon, 01/09/2017 - 13:00

If you’re looking for a fun filled, active beach holiday for all the family, then you should consider windsurfing. But with windsurf spots in idyllic beach locations all over the world, what are the best family windsurfing holiday destinations? Huge advances in windsurfing equipment in recent years, means it’s accessible for kids...

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Plenty to do on a foggy Saturday

Booker High Wycombe - Sun, 01/08/2017 - 11:08
The 2017 Winter Series of briefings (for aspiring Bronze pilots and others) got off to a good start with a full house for Steve Williams as he de-mystified navigation for an audience which included some visitors from the Upward Bound Trust at Haddenham.

The next briefing is Meterology on Saturday 14th January.

Steve shining a light....
Meanwhile in the hangar an assorted team set about de-rigging the T21, a complex process requiring hammers and quite a lot of supervision.

Richard with a lofty view of proceedings
John taking over the supervisionThe team then retired to the clubhouse to thaw out with tea.

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The Top Charter Destinations of 2017: Part One

Super Yachts Carters - Thu, 01/05/2017 - 19:00
The Top Charter Destinations of 2017: Part One Discover the unique charter destinations of 2017, as you explore the rich cultural beauty of the Mediterranean, the deserted beaches of the Caribbean or the charming hot-spots of island living.

Winter Season
We're at the dawn of a brand-new year, so there's still time to check out some of the world's best destinations for the Winter Season, or at least make big plans for the close of 2017.

At the heart of the Caribbean in the British Virgin Islands
Located in the pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean is the British Virgin Islands, boasting an array of exciting water-sports, tropical temperatures and untouched landscapes. Discover the North Sound region of Virgin Gorda offering the luxurious facilities of  Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Marina suited for superyachts with berths up to 91m. Discover world renowned dive spots such as the Wreck of the Rhone or venture to a host of nearby islands. Surf the waves of Cane Garden Bay home to Tortola, kite surf in Jost Van Dyke or relax and rejuvenate on Scrub Island. Enjoy a private island experience on Eustatia Island, where you and your guests can experience ultimate adrenalin taking Amphibious Cars for a spin as it glides through water and spins on land.

A tropical oasis in Antigua, Caribbean.
A member of the Leeward Islands, Antigua is a spectacular tropical hideaway teeming white powder beaches, turquoise waters and an array of lavish resorts. Lying east of the Virgin Islands and north of Barbados, Antigua is the perfect destination to begin an exploration of the breath-taking Leeward Island group. From its charming harbour towns and fishing villages to its protective coral reefs, whether you’re looking to dive, snorkel or simply relax, the all year tropical temperatures of Antigua make it simply ideal. The capital city of St.John’s is a lively town bursting with a vibrant social scene of premier restaurants serving delicious island cuisine, encompassing the charm and spirit of Antigua.

An explosion of colour in the Bahamas
The Bahamas are globally known as one of the premium luxury yacht charter destinations, epitomising the tropical island paradise of the largest barrier reefs, white sand beaches and abundane of luxury resorts.  Discover The Abacos offering 120-mile–long chain of panoramic beauty, charming colonial towns and an array of delicious local cuisine, or the capital Nassau offering a utopia of  crisp blue water, pulsating nightlife with all the allure of a big city in a tropical setting. Whether you are looking to explore Grand Bahama Island’s historical splendour,or the ecological wonders of the Exumas archipelago, The Bahamas state of the art Marinas and rich cultural heritage makes it the perfect winter escape into island paradise. 

Summer Season
In a matter of months, the sun will once again soak the Mediterranean and open up some amazing new opportunities to new worlds in Asia and beyond. Here are just some of the exciting opportunities awaiting you this year.

The Adriatic jewel of Montenegro
A dramatic backdrop of mountainous terrain dots the ancient fortress towns of Montenegro, steeped in historical wonder and stretches of scenic beaches. The Porto Montenegro Marina located in the beautiful UNESCO Bay of Kotor, combines a spectacular destination with a world-class marina village offering berths for yachts 12 – 180m resting on the Adriatic sea. Appealing to adventurers, Montenegro offers an abundance of watersports at Ulcinj Beach from kitesurfing to scuba diving, whilst global attractions such as Tara Canyon, the second deepest canyon in the world, offers miles of awe-inspiring views. From the cobbled streets of Budva old town to the mimosa trees that line Hegev Novi, the eastern charm of Montenegro is alive in the summer season, with 30°C days of endless sunshine.

The glittering hub of Barcelona, Spain.
Barcelona gently sits along the Mediterranean coastline as one of the most up and coming charter destinations in Europe. Departing from Barcelona offers an array of sunny beaches, historical treasures and a cultural hotspot that combines life on the water with cosmopolitan living. OneOcean Port Vell and Vilanova Grand Marina in Barcelona are designed exclusively for Superyachts, creating ideal home-ports with a protected harbour of calm wàters right in the hub of authentic local culture with natural surroundings such as the Natural Park of Garraf, mouthwatering Catalan cuisine and stunning the architecture of Antoni Gaudi right on its doorstep. Visit in the summer months to enjoy the lively atmosphere Barcelona has to offer, right in the heart of the Mediterranean.

A sensory escape in Thailand,
With a myriad of islands, hidden coves and untouched beaches, Phuket itself has a thriving yachting scene, several superyacht marinas, as well as luxurious spas and resorts. The Gulf coast of Thailand’s enchanting corners of  Koh Samui and Koh Phangan make the perfect summer escape whilst the Southeast of Phucket brings you the Phi Phi islands, stunning anchorages and a coastline dotted with stunning beaches at the heart of fragrant local cuisine. Whether you choose to relax in glorious isolation, swim the dazzling coral reefs or soak up the dramatic island landscapes at a private beach dinner, Thailand’s untrodden islands full of rustic charm make it the ultimate Charter destination.

Superyacht Kismet in the Caribbean The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro YCCS Resort & Marina in the British Virgin Islands Scrub Island in the BVI
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Yacht Charter Focus: The Ultimate Escape on Turquoise

Super Yachts Carters - Thu, 01/05/2017 - 17:00
Yacht Charter Focus: The Ultimate Escape on Turquoise The 55.40m Turquoise motor yacht by Turquoise Yachts in 2011 is currently available for charter in the splendid cruising region of the West Mediterranean. Throughout the winter and summer season, Turquoise offers the ultimate escape into the dazzling waters of Europe.

Turquoise has a cruising speed of 14.00 knots and a max speed of 17.00 knots combining performance, layout and appearance perfectly. 

Having been last refitted in 2014, she has a steel hull with a aluminium superstructure with a beam of 9.30m  and a 3.20m draft. Equipped with an ultra-modern stabilisation system which reduces roll motion effect, resulting in a smoother more enjoyable cruising experience. She also features bow thrusters making her more manoeuvrable at low speeds.

Offering the perfect escape into the dazzling waters of Europe, Turquoise boasts exterior styling by Dubois Naval Architects featuring clean silhouettes and distinctive detail.

The interior designed by H2 Yacht Design offers a luxurious and contemporary interior space, balancing a soft colour palette of warm tones in a bright and airy composition. Combining rich textures and comfort, its accommodation for up to 12 guests in 6 suites comprises of null VIP cabins. She is also capable of carrying up to 13 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

Blending indoor and outdoor living seamlessly together, Turquoise offers al fresco dining offering expansive views perfect for enjoying warm evenings. Its tantalising bar area and on deck jacuzzi makes entertaining guests simply ideal, as well as a state of the art home cinema system, perfect for gathering at the close of the day—Turquoise offers a true work of art at sea.

Available through Cecil Wright for charter, this motor yacht is equipped with an array of water toys for those seeking a fun-fuelled day on the water, making it a perfect charter experience for family and friends.

Yacht Charter Focus: The Ultimate Escape on Turquoise Yacht Charter Focus: The Ultimate Escape on Turquoise Yacht Charter Focus: The Ultimate Escape on Turquoise Yacht Charter Focus: The Ultimate Escape on Turquoise Step on board the stunning superyacht Turquoise in the West Med Yacht Charter Focus: The Ultimate Escape on Turquoise Yacht Charter Focus: The Ultimate Escape on Turquoise Yacht Charter Focus: The Ultimate Escape on Turquoise Yacht Charter Focus: The Ultimate Escape on Turquoise
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2017 Bronze briefings

Booker High Wycombe - Fri, 12/30/2016 - 14:47

Winter Briefings 2017 If you are working towards your Bronze badge, want a bit of a recap or are thinking of becoming an instructor, the Winter briefings are for you. On Saturdays throughout January and February, starting at 10am in the briefing room. All welcome.   7th January            Navigation - Steve Williams14th January          Meteorology - Jane Moore21st January          XC Skills Development - Jim White28th January          Flight Planning and Performance - Bob Smith4th February           Mountain Soaring - Geoff Tabbner12th February         No lecture: Aboyne Expedition18th February         XC Meteorology - Jim White25th February         Field Landings - William Parker and Richard CrockettTBC                       Radio Telephony - Ashley Birkbeck                              Task Flying - Tim Scott                              Principles of Flight - Symeon Economou
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Weird December sky

Booker High Wycombe - Fri, 12/30/2016 - 14:17
It's been a bit foggy this week but on Tuesday we had some welcome winter sun. Visibility below about 1500ft was poor, but higher up the air was perfect for some aerobatic practice, with the top of the inversion giving a perfect horizon. The low level murk formed itself into what looked remarkably like wave bars, at about 1000ft, but they didn't provide any noticeable lift. Very pretty from above though.

The view from the launch point.....
.....and from above
Higher up 
Into the sun

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The Most Exciting Charter Arrivals of 2016

Super Yachts Carters - Wed, 12/28/2016 - 19:00
The Most Exciting Charter Arrivals of 2016 A new generation of ultra-elite is choosing charter over purchase as an entrance into yachting, making the latest yachts to arrive on the charter market this year are too important to overlook. With almost too many to choose from, we've compiled a list of the most exciting charter arrivals of 2016.

Arriving on the charter scene with Moran Yacht & Ship, this incredibly elegant, commanding and distinctive superyacht embarked on its new career cruising the Caribbean this year. Measuring 95.20m (312.4ft), this Lurssen-built superyacht original rose to fame after appearing on the Thames, and has since been seen as one of the finest Lurssen experiences on the water today.

Built for adventure sports and with a charter itinerary and named after a Fijian surf mecca, Cloudbreak has exploration and fun in its DNA. With an Abeking & Rasmussen construction approach, Espen Oeino design and available for charter with SuperYachtsMonaco, Cloudbreak is nothing short of paradise for those looking to go higher, faster and deeper than ever before. Watch an interview with Captain Max Cumming and Jim Evans, Managing Director of SuperYachtsMonaco, here.

JoyMe is a yacht with undeniable character. Built by an owner who created their own shipyard to create exactly what they were looking for, this 50m (163.7ft) yacht combines comfort and a unique look to corner a specific corner of the charter market. With a high-fashion inspired interior and a focus on the party lifestyle, Zepter Yachts has introduced a new and exciting addition to the global charter fleet with JoyMe - available with TWW Yachts.

Elixir was launched by Dutch construction experts AMELS in 2016 and, following its world debut at the Monaco Yacht Show, found its way onto the charter market with Y.CO. A yacht built for elegant and stylish cruising with every possible futuristic amenities on board, Elixir is a 55m (180.5ft) superyacht with a Tim Heywood exterior and extremely enviable Laura Sessa interior.

Having only just arrived on the market for charter in the Caribbean this winter with Imperial Yachts, RoMEA is a yacht which was seemingly built for the charter experience. Meticulously maintained, adventurous and with a crew of unrivalled experts on board, there's nothing you can't do; from relaxing on deck to breaking open the arsenal of superyacht toys on board.

Coral Ocean
The highly secretive Coral Ocean was launched from the Lurssen Yachts shipyard over 22 years ago, and has since kept every sense of timeless style across her exterior, and has increased life on board ten-fold through a complete refit back at the German yard. Re-introduced to the world at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, Coral Ocean was never before in the global spotlight until this year and while she isn't currently on the market, a new refit bringing her up to charter code makes this a yacht to watch.

With so many superyachts to choose from, these are just some of the new projects signed this year. Think we've missed something in particular? We'd love to hear your thoughts for a follow up list so get in touch via our FacebookTwitter or Instagram feed, or alternatively, get in touch over email here.

The Most Exciting Charter Arrivals of 2016 The Most Exciting Charter Arrivals of 2016 The Most Exciting Charter Arrivals of 2016 The Most Exciting Charter Arrivals of 2016
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6 of the best Morocco windsurfing holiday destinations

Windsurfing - Tue, 12/20/2016 - 12:00

Morocco is close to Europe but still an exotic and adventurous destination, it’s also home to some of the best windsurfing on the planet. If you’re looking for the best Morocco windsurfing holiday destinations then read on. Morocco found its place firmly on the hippy trail in the 1960s and...

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National Geographic Kids and Second Lady Jill Biden Celebrate Young Photographers with Holiday Ornament Display

National GeographicNewsFeed - Mon, 12/12/2016 - 19:27

WASHINGTON (Dec. 12, 2016)— Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden are decking their home’s halls with the help of young photographers from My Shot – National Geographic’s moderated photo community for kids. In advance of the holiday, National Geographic Kids selected the best photographs embodying the theme of gratitude and transformed them into ornaments for a special display in the Vice President’s Residence.

In total, more than 100 kid photographers were selected to have their work included in the colorful array of VP Residence ornaments. While each depicts subjects that the young photographers are grateful for, some of the decorations specifically reflect My Shot photographers’ gratitude for our country’s troops and include beautiful images of flags and monuments.

“Joe and I are always proud to support our troops, and this holiday season, we are very excited to do so with the additional help of young photographers across the country,” said Dr. Biden. “We have been impressed with the incredible talent of the kid photographers in the My Shot program over the past year, and we look forward to sharing what their lenses capture with our family, friends and all those who visit the Vice President’s Residence this holiday season.”

Since July 2015, National Geographic Kids and Dr. Biden have partnered to celebrate the work of young photographers by showcasing 10 My Shot photos on a rotating digital frame at the Vice President’s Residence in Washington, D.C., each month.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dr. Biden in encouraging and celebrating the work of budding photographers,” said National Geographic Kids Creative Director Melina Bellows. “The creativity and professionalism of the My Shot community inspires us every day, and we are very excited to have their photos on special display this month.”

To view the images currently on display at the Vice President’s Residence, as well as other My Shot photos, visit ngkidsmyshot.com. 

About National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids teaches kids about the world and how it works, empowering them to succeed and make it a better place. National Geographic Kids inspires young adventurers through award-winning magazines, books, apps, games, toys, videos, events and a website, and is the only kids brand with a world-class scientific organization at its core. You can follow National Geographic Kids on Twitter and Facebook.



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Watch Live: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden Talks to National Geographic Travel

National GeographicNewsFeed - Mon, 12/12/2016 - 19:12

Tune in to National Geographic Travel’s live interview with Vice President Joe Biden today at 3:25 p.m. ET on NatGeoTravel’s Facebook page. Editor-in-chief George Stone will be sitting down with Vice President Joe Biden to talk about his favorite travel memories while in office these past eight years. How much travel are we talking about? About 1,207,973 miles and 57 countries, to be exact. Out of all these travel moments the vice president will be sharing several of his favorite photographs from his time in office taken by David Lienemann, the vice president’s official photographer.

When: Monday, December 12, 2016 at 3:25 p.m. ET

Where: National Geographic Travel’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/natgeotravel

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Facebook and National Geographic launch Live 360 video with coverage from the Mars Desert Research Station facility in Utah

National GeographicNewsFeed - Mon, 12/12/2016 - 19:03

On Tuesday, December 13 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET, Facebook is launching Live 360 video with National Geographic, live from the Mars Desert Research Station facility in Utah. People around the world will be able to discover and explore this video on Facebook. 

Visit National Geographic’s Facebook page here to see the event.

More information on the National Geographic Live 360 video:

Over the past 80 days, eight space scientists from around the world have lived in pods simulating every aspect of life on Mars, including total isolation from humanity. As part of our global effort around MARS, National Geographic will be live on Facebook in 360 degrees as the scientists emerge from the pods. We will take you behind the scenes to explore the living quarters, see how the scientists suit up in their space suits, and take a rover out for a spin across the Martian landscape. This first Live 360 will also include a Q&A with a line-up of science experts, writers and thinkers, and will take questions from the Facebook audience.

For the full post announcing the launch of Facebook’s Live 360, visit https://media.fb.com/2016/12/12/introducing-live-360/

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National Geographic Announces Winners of the 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest

National GeographicNewsFeed - Fri, 12/09/2016 - 14:24

WASHINGTON (Dec. 9, 2016)–Selected from thousands of entries, an underwater photo of sardine migration on the Wild Coast of South Africa has been selected as the grand-prize winner of the 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest. The photo, titled “Sardine Run,” was captured by Greg Lecoeur of Nice, France. He has won a 10-day trip for two to the Galápagos with National Geographic Expeditions and two 15-minute image portfolio reviews with National Geographic photo editors.

Lecoeur took the photo in June 2015 after waiting two weeks to witness the natural predation on sardines captured in the photo.

“During the sardine migration along the Wild Coast of South Africa, millions of sardines are preyed upon by marine predators such as dolphins, marine birds, sharks, whales, penguins, sailfishes and sea lions. The hunt begins with common dolphins that have developed special hunting techniques to create and drive bait balls to the surface,” Lecouer said. “In recent years, probably due to overfishing and climate change, the annual sardine run has become more and more unpredictable.”

Varun Aditya, of Tamil Nadu, India, placed first in the Animal Portraits category for a photo of a snake; Vadim Balakin, of Sverdlovsk, Russia, placed first in the Environmental Issues category for a photo of polar bear remains in Norway; and Jacob Kapetein of Gelderland, Netherlands, placed first in the Landscape category for a photo of a small beech tree in a river. Lecoeur’s photo won the Action category.

The judges for the contest were National Geographic magazine’s senior photo editor of natural history assignments, Kathy Moran, and National Geographic photographers Joe Riis and Jim Brandenburg, both of whom have been widely published for their natural history photojournalism. Contestants submitted photographs in four categories — Action, Landscape, Animal Portraits and Environmental Issues — through National Geographic’s photography community, Your Shot. All of the winning photos, along with the honorable mentions, may be viewed at natgeo.com/photocontest.

National Geographic Partners LLC

National Geographic Partners LLC, a joint venture between National Geographic Society and 21st Century Fox, combines National Geographic television channels with National Geographic’s media and consumer-oriented assets, including National Geographic magazines; National Geographic Studios; related digital and social media platforms; books; maps; children’s media; and ancillary activities that include travel, global experiences and events, archival sales, catalog, licensing and e-commerce businesses. A portion of the proceeds from National Geographic Partners LLC will be used to fund science, exploration, conservation and education through significant ongoing contributions to the work of the National Geographic Society. For more information, visit www.nationalgeographic.com and find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+YouTubeLinkedIn and Pinterest.



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National GeographicNewsFeed - Fri, 12/02/2016 - 15:17

WASHINGTON, D.C.  (DECEMBER 2, 2016)—Rosa Zeegers has been named Executive Vice President of Consumer Products and Experiences, overseeing National Geographic’s global licensing, merchandising, travel, location-based entertainment and National Geographic Live businesses.  Her appointment was announced by Declan Moore, National Geographic Partners CEO. She will report to Moore.

“National Geographic is one of the most storied brands in the global media landscape that resonates with consumers worldwide,” said Moore. “Our opportunity is to extend the brand and our sterling brand values built over the last 128 years and translate that into new spaces that deliver products and experiences that are authentic to National Geographic and relevant to the lives of our consumers.  Rosa’s keen insight into consumer behavior, her expertise in building strategic partnerships and her global experience, will be integral to helping us achieve those goals.”

“I am honored and humbled to lend my experience to extending an iconic brand like National Geographic into new and already growing consumer experiences and licensing partnerships,” said Zeegers.  “I look forward to working with the exceptional and talented team Declan has assembled.”

With more than 20 years’ experience in licensing, consumer products and marketing, Zeegers comes to National Geographic having served most recently as a brand strategy consultant. Prior, Zeegers spent 12 years at Mattel as the Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Products where she oversaw global marketing and licensing activities for a variety of Mattel Brands. Prior to her work with Mattel, Zeegers was Vice President of Brand Management for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines with oversight for brand and loyalty management, marketing communications, in-flight entertainment, marketing services, and market research.

Zeegers is a regular guest speaker at various universities across the country, teaching negotiation in different cultures. She has a master’s degree in Medieval German literature and is a certified translator and high school teacher.

About National Geographic Partners LLC

National Geographic Partners LLC, a joint venture between National Geographic Society and 21st Century Fox, combines National Geographic television channels with National Geographic’s media and consumer-oriented assets, including National Geographic magazines; National Geographic Studios; related digital and social media platforms; books; maps; children’s media; and ancillary activities that include travel, location-based entertainment, archival sales, catalog, licensing and e-commerce businesses. A portion of the proceeds from National Geographic Partners LLC will be used to fund science, exploration, conservation and education through significant ongoing contributions to the work of the National Geographic Society.

For more information, visit www.nationalgeographic.com and find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+YouTubeLinkedIn and Pinterest.

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National Geographic Announces World Legacy Awards Finalists

National GeographicNewsFeed - Thu, 12/01/2016 - 18:11

Washington/Berlin, 1 December 2016 —The 15 finalists of the National Geographic World Legacy Awards were unveiled today. The World Legacy Awards, a partnership between National Geographic and ITB Berlin, showcase the leading travel and tourism companies, organizations and destinations — ranging from entire countries to small islands and from urban hotels to jungle retreats — driving the sustainable tourism transformation of the global travel industry.

This year’s World Legacy Awards entries spanned the planet, representing 45 countries and six continents, showcasing how sustainable tourism has no boundaries. Finalists in five award categories were selected by an international team of more than 20 judges. A multi-step judging process also included on-site inspections of each finalist. For details on the judges, go to http://www.nationalgeographic.com/worldlegacyawards/judging.html

Costas Christ, Chairman of National Geographic World Legacy Awards, said, “We have reached a tipping point as more of the travel industry understands that there can be no future for tourism without sustainability, including environmentally-friendly business practices, protection of cultural and natural heritage, and tangible social and economic benefits to local people in travel destinations. Those countries and companies that understand this today will be the travel leaders of tomorrow. These 15 World Legacy Awards finalists are showing the way forward to a brighter future for people and the planet.”

For the first time the World Legacy Award Ceremony will take place in the Palais am Funkturm, the new official awards venue of ITB Berlin.

Rika Jean-François, CSR Commissioner for ITB Berlin: “The World Legacy Awards, which are about to be held for the third time, have established themselves as highly prestigious for the global travel industry. The finalists will be introduced on ITB Wednesday to a truly international audience and the winners will be announced on the spot. We are also happy to invite the finalists to present their innovative solutions to an international audience at our renown CSR Day on ITB Friday. ITB Berlin is strongly heightening awareness of the important issue of sustainability and responsibility in tourism and has also recently become a member of GSTC, the Global Criteria for Sustainable Tourism.”

The 2017 National Geographic World Legacy Awards finalists are:

Conserving the Natural World — Recognizing outstanding support for the preservation of nature, restoring natural habitat, protecting rare and endangered species, whether on land or in the oceans.

  • Mark Thornton Safaris, Tanzania — This guide-owned outfitter works to protect endangered wildlife habitat by establishing indigenous community partnerships on the Simanjiro Grazing Easement of the Maasai Steppe, a critically important wildlife migration corridor and wildebeest calving ground.
  • Misool Eco Resort, Indonesia — Misool actively works to protect marine habitat, influence policy, and empower local communities. They manage more than 350 square miles of marine protected area in the heart of the Coral Triangle – the global center of marine biodiversity.
  • North Island, Seychelles —Hailed as the Galapagos of the East, this eco-resort’s innovative Noah’s Ark project has successfully reintroduced some of the Seychelles’ rarest species back to nature as part of their restoration of native habitat on the former plantation island.

Earth Changers — Recognizing cutting-edge leadership in environmentally friendly business practices and green technology, from renewable energy and water conservation to zero-waste systems and carbon-emissions reduction.

  • Cayuga Collection, Costa Rica and Nicaragua – Reduce, reuse, recycle is a daily mantra at this ultra-green hospitality company.  Innovative practices include a program to eliminate plastic waste (even drinking straws are reusable bamboo) and guests join back-of-the-house tours to learn how sustainability touches their vacation experience.
  • Finch Bay Eco Hotel, Ecuador – Finch Bay’s closed-loop sustainable technology produces organic food for their guests with a high-yield process that conserves water, eliminates pesticides, and reduces carbon food miles. Their success is now being replicated by other Galapagos hotels.
  • ITC Hotels, India – Demonstrating that large luxury urban hotels can set a new standard for going green, ITC’s 11 iconic city properties, spread across India, are all LEED Platinum certified – the highest level recognized by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Sense of Place — Recognizing excellence in enhancing cultural authenticity, including implementing vernacular architecture and design, support for the protection of historic monuments, archeological sites, indigenous heritage, and artistic traditions.

  • Adventure Canada, Canada – Working closely with indigenous groups, this small-ship company helps native communities realize their tourism potential while protecting an authentic sense of place, including opportunities for Inuit youth to gain first-hand experience in archaeology, teaching about their heritage, and guiding.
  • Awamaki, Peru – Located in the Sacred Valley, this non-profit rural community tourism organization works to empower indigenous women artisans and their families to alleviate poverty, while providing travelers with an experience of authentic Quechua culture in an immersive, sustainable, and respectful manner.
  • City of Santa Fe, USA – If American pioneers from more than a century ago re-appeared in Santa Fe’s plaza today, they would recognize it instantly. The oldest state capital in America considers safeguarding its rich heritage a duty, including Fiesta de Santa Fe, the nation’s oldest continuous public celebration.

Engaging Communities — Recognizing direct and tangible economic and social benefits that improve local livelihoods, including training and capacity building, fair wages and benefits, community development, health care, and education.

  • Andaman Discoveries, Thailand – Established in response to the 2004 tsunami, Andaman Discoveries immerses guests in the cultural and natural diversity of Thailand. All initiatives are local community-led: villagers decide a fair cost for their tourism services and 50 percent of profits support a foundation for community development.
  • Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize – Belize’s pioneer eco-resort demonstrates that putting local people first benefits employees, villages, and its own bottom line. The Lodge provides economic benefits to community projects across the nation, directing 10 percent of all room revenue to support social and environmental programs.
  • Chambok Community Based Eco Tourism/Mlup Baitong, Cambodia – When non-profit group Mlup Baitong began, Chambok villagers were faced with unrelenting poverty, resorting to illegal logging and wildlife poaching to survive. Today, this self-sustaining ecotourism project contributes 20 percent of its profits to a local fund supporting women’s micro-enterprise initiatives and community health care.

Destination Leadership — Recognizing destination stewardship, including cities, provinces, states, countries, and regions that are demonstrating environmental best practices, protection for cultural and natural heritage, benefits to local people, and educating travelers on the principles of sustainable tourism.

  • Riverwind Foundation/Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, USA – Working together, these two organizations actively engage public and private stakeholders to support environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic vitality through destination stewardship policies and planning, including an open space resolution ensuring protection of 25,000 acres, and a Sustainability Code of Conduct for visitors.
  • Segera Retreat, Kenya – This high-end ecolodge in Laikipia acts as an incubator for innovative technologies and conservation approaches that can be tested, refined, and replicated in Africa and beyond, including successful projects to enhance local livelihoods, support health care, protect endangered species and restore natural habitat. 
  • Slovenian Tourist Board, Slovenia – With nearly 60 percent of its land forested, the country of Slovenia has successfully laid the foundation to become one of the world’s most sustainable destinations. The Tourist Board unifies all stewardship initiatives through its Green Scheme, which sets guidelines and provides tools for monitoring sustainability progress.

The winners will be announced live on stage at the World Legacy Awards ceremony on 8 March, 2017, held at the Palais am Funkturm during ITB Berlin. Winners and Finalists will also be recognized by National Geographic Traveler magazine.

The sponsors of the World Legacy Awards are Adventure World and TreadRight Foundation. To learn more about the sponsors, visit www.adventureworld.com.au and www.treadright.org

For more information on the World Legacy Awards and this year’s Finalists, go to www.nationalgeographic.com/worldlegacyawards/ or http://www.itb-berlin.de/en/ITBBerlin/SocialResponsibility/WorldLegacyAwards/.

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About ITB Berlin and the ITB Berlin Convention

ITB Berlin 2017 will take place from Wednesday to Sunday, 8 to 12 March. From Wednesday to Friday ITB Berlin is open to trade visitors only. Parallel with the show the ITB Berlin Convention, the largest event of its kind, will be held from Wednesday, 8 to Saturday, 11 March 2017. More details are available at www.itb-convention.com. ITB Berlin is the global travel industry’s leading trade show. In 2016 a total of 10,000 companies and organisations from 187 countries exhibited their products and services to 180,000 visitors, who included 120,000 trade visitors.

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National GeographicNewsFeed - Tue, 11/29/2016 - 19:44

WASHINGTON (Nov. 29, 2016)—National Geographic Creative, a Talent and Content licensing agency within National Geographic Partners representing NG photographers, filmmakers and explorers such as Joel Sartore, Paul Nicklen, Anand Varma, Stephanie Sinclair, David Guttenfelder, Cory Richards and other industry leaders, has named Karishma Singh West Coast Talent and Commercial Sales Agent, representing talent for custom commercial work. Dorian Romer has been hired as a Content Licensing Manager, negotiating the licensing of photo and video content and developing business in the advertising and corporate sectors. She works closely with major advertising agencies, brands, corporations and non-profits. Singh and Romer will report to Alice Keating, Senior Vice President of National Geographic Creative.

Singh will represent National Geographic talent for commercial work originating from ad agencies and brands, seeking world-renowned talent, to highlight their campaigns and initiatives. Singh formerly worked as a Senior Art Producer at TBWA Chiat Day in Los Angeles, where she worked on brands such as Gatorade, Airbnb and Nissan. She received her master’s degree from The New School University in New York and began a career in advertising production at the Estee Lauder Companies.

Romer is responsible for licensing commercial stock photography and footage. National Geographic Creative provides professional buyers with photography, motion and talent, and Romer negotiates with external parties to procure those assets. Prior to joining National Geographic, Romer worked in other visual collections including Veer, Dissolve, Getty and Corbis. Romer has more than 20 years of experience working in various facets of the photographic field, including licensing photo and video content, representing commercial photographers, and working as a fine art photographer. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Singh lives and works in Los Angeles; Romer lives and works in New York.

Useful Links:

National Geographic Creative: http://www.natgeocreative.com/ngs/

National Geographic Creative on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/natgeocreative/

National Geographic Creative on Twitter (@NatGeoCreative): https://twitter.com/natgeocreative/

About National Geographic Partners LLC

National Geographic Partners LLC, a joint venture between National Geographic Society and 21st Century Fox, combines National Geographic television channels with National Geographic’s media and consumer-oriented assets, including National Geographic magazines; National Geographic Studios; related digital and social media platforms; books; maps; children’s media; and ancillary activities that include travel, location-based entertainment, archival sales, catalog, licensing and e-commerce businesses. A portion of the proceeds from National Geographic Partners LLC will be used to fund science, exploration, conservation and education through significant ongoing contributions to the work of the National Geographic Society.

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